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Wedding in sweden

Posted April 26, 2017, 12:54 p.m. By kladeruby Tags: Travel

Stockholm boat tours

This summer the whole family is going to sweden. At first I wasn't to excited but after looking the country up on the internet it doesn't sound to bad. We will visit stockholm and get a tour by boat around the city. Then we will be visiting the archipelago and when we are there one of my cousins is getting married. He visited sweden a few years ago, moved to stockholm to be with her and now he is getting married. Their story is so romantic  and I dream that i some day will have a story as great as they. 

This summer is going to be so much fun. We rarely travel together as a family, we rarely travel at all. So this summer is going to be great. We will actually land in sweden a few weeks before the wedding and we will stay a week or so after the wedding. We are going to the beach in sweden and I think we are going to travel around the south of sweden (because it is warmer down there). 

And the wedding is going to be so, so much fun. The theme is going to be more marine and the color scheme is white. beige and dark blue. I really hope everything goes well with the wedding. It is going to be outside and it would be so sad if it started to rain so I am crossing my fingers that it will be sunny during their wedding. Well, I really hope that the sun will be up the whole time we are there. We get so much rain where we live and I really hope I can get some tan this year and really just some time to soak up the sun all summer long!